Tuesday, November 8, 2011

AntiEvo folks?
November 8, 2011 at 1:43 pm

PS, O/T: And I see the AntiEvo folks are off again barking out yet another mantra, this time falsely accusing me of lying.

I note for record since clearly they monitor.

It should be clear to any responsible person:

(i) that there are NO, ZIP, ZILCH responsible Bible believing Christians who support genocide, INCLUDING Dr Craig — that should not even be a question,

(ii) the spreading of a false accusation against any significant number of such will lead to the spreading of a much broader false accusation (one that by the way ALSO implies that Jews who take the scriptures seriously support genocide — see how poisonous this is . . . ) against Christians in general

(iii) Such poisonous slander can also be spread by making invidious associations and asking loaded questions, and it seems

(iv) will easily be believed by a fringe of people who seem to harbour a lot of bigoted hostility against Christians — “ignorant, stupid, insane or wicked” — as we have seen here at UD in recent days [cf here and here, note onward links]

. . . so, it is high time that responsible people stop this nonsense before someone innocent gets seriously hurt as the unhinged fringe of the fringe goes off the deep end.

Blood libel is how pogroms get started.

If the lot at Anti Evo continue in this vein in the teeth of such warnings, that tells us that we are up against a very destructive and irresponsible, angry and in some cases evidently outright hateful movement.

Of which, due notice will be taken.



Which "AntiEvo folks"? And isn't it actually the IDiots who are "AntiEvo"?

And no, gordo, "this time" isn't the only time you've been accused of lying. I, myself, have been accusing you of being a LIAR for months, and it's because you ARE a LIAR. And you know that I've been accusing you because I have submitted several comments at one of your sites accusing you of being a LIAR and pointing you to my posts here. Of course you never allow my comments to actually show on your site.

You can make all the lame excuses you like but it's clear that craig, you, and most of your fellow IDiots condone the slaughter of the Canaanites (including their livestock) and all of the other murderous atrocities committed or ordered by your chosen god, as alleged in your so-called holy book (the bible).

It really doesn't matter if it actually happened. What matters is that you religious zombies are in support of whatever your so-called god allegedly does, no matter how horrible it is. And you've got the nerve to claim that you are the ones with all the good morals.

Take your ridiculous blood libel bullshit and shove it way up your ass, right alongside your shit covered head.

"Of which, due notice will be taken."

OH NO! gordo will take due notice! For "the record"! I'm terrified! Call the Pentagon, the FBI, the CIA, Interpol, and the Jamaican Constabulary Force! Call jesus and god! Wake up the pope! Stop the presses! Gather all the creatures of the Earth! Push back the oceans and make room for gordo to take due notice for the record! Send out radio messages to the universe to warn them that gordo will take due notice for the record! Repent Now! Save your soul! The lord almighty gordo has spoken!

"before someone innocent gets seriously hurt as the unhinged fringe of the fringe goes off the deep end"

Is that a threat gordo? You're certainly right out there with the most unhinged fringe of the fringe. Are you forming cells of genocidal terrorists to attack anyone who tells the truth about you and your genocide supporting hero wl (wanking loser) craig?

By the way gordo, I've taken "due notice" (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) that you are a lying, raving lunatic and that every time you're getting your ass handed to you by someone who actually knows something about science you do your usual cowardly stunt of trying to prevail by barking out "distractive red herring issues, led out to strawman caricatures that are soaked in ad hominem smears and set alight through incendiary rhetoric that then clouds, poisons and polarises the atmosphere" in "the teeth of correction".

You really are as fucked up as it gets.