Sunday, November 13, 2011

gordo the abusive rapist

Okay, I read some more of gordo's latest projectile vomit and found this:

"By contrast, he and many others of like ilk view those who object to such views as “ignorant, stupid, insane or . . . wicked.” (Perhaps, that is why one of the atheistical objectors to UD feels free to publicly and falsely accuse me of being a demented child abuser and serial rapist. He clearly cannot see how unhinged, unreasonable, irrational, uncouth, vulgar and rage-blinded his outrageous behaviour is.)"

In the first sentence he's referring to Dawkins, and in the rest to me.

Hey gordo, you are a demented child abuser, and a serial rapist by YOUR OWN definition of rape. Just being in your presence or being forced to listen to you would be abuse, and you commit verbal rape every time you open your mouth or put your fingers to a keyboard. You're also a blatant, willful LIAR and a two-faced gasbag.

Actually, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you physically/sexually abuse your own and/or other children. You have all the hallmarks of a child molesting deviant.

And speaking of unhinged, unreasonable, irrational, uncouth, vulgar, rage-blinded, outrageous behavior, you really OUGHT to look at a mirror. My choice of words is actually nicer than the words you use to try to force your delusional, arrogant beliefs on others. At least mine are direct and honest, while yours are slimy, underhanded, dishonest, self serving, self righteous, incoherent, falsely accusing, dictatorial, insane, blustering, sanctimonious swill that make me feel like I need to take a shower after reading them.

You just can't take your own medicine, can you? You've been cowardly dishing it out for years from inside your sanctuaries at UD and your websites, and on 'campus' and other places, and you expect the whole world to worship your worthless ass without saying anything against you. Well, god-boi, I'm not the slightest bit afraid of you nor intimidated by you nor subservient to you. To me you're just a parasite and a festering canker on the human race and the world.