Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lies and matches

Timbo said:

KF, you need to get over yourself. Eigenstate is producing some fascinating material in his discussions above with WJM, and this discussion should be an illustration to you as to how to debate like an adult. Your endless faux emotive self righteous exclamations are boring and narcissistic.

kairosflaccid lyingly and crazily barfed:

Timbo: Sorry, but you are indulging in enabling behaviour. I have been repeatedly falsely accused of lying/willful and/or reckless deception (including in the post in that I have responded to on points, to which you replied as just above) — by someone who, when he turned to substance, failed to pass the test of being able to soundly diagnose what is happening when one strikes a match — and have a full right to require satisfaction. Unless, you imagine that it is fine to make such false accusations. Good day. KF


Uh oh, gordo is pissed. He said "Good day", which is a sure sign that he is having a tantrum. Poor baby.

Hey gordo, you ARE a WILLFUL LIAR and you constantly engage in WILLFUL RECKLESS DECEPTION. And what the fuck does striking a match have to do with it? Your insanity is WAY off the charts.

"have a full right to require satisfaction"? You think that YOU have a full right to require satisfaction? Hmm, I'd say that you have proved the multiverse theory. There's simply no way that your INFINITELY FAT HEAD could fit within one universe.

You LIE constantly, and just one of your LIES is about me threatening your family and holding your children hostage. Isn't it interesting and revealing that in all this time you haven't shown ANY evidence to support that LIE? I guess it's like everything else you spew. You expect people to believe it just because you say it. After all, you're perfect, you're infallible, you're the messiah, you're GOD, right?

I've been reading the Barbados Underground site and have found a lot of revealing things about you. I will be posting some of your crap from there as time goes on. Stay tuned gordo.