Saturday, November 12, 2011

butt kissing godbot

November 13, 2011 at 12:38 am


KF’s points bear repeating because they’ve rarely been addressed by any of the “true believer” atheist materialists who come here; just skimmed over and dismissed as is exemplified by your reply as well as eigenstate’s “atheism isn’t a worldview” because “not collecting stamps isn’t a hobby” reply.

From here:


Oh brandon, you genocide supporting bible thumping butt kisser, gordo's insane blabbering is skimmed over and dismissed (if it's read at all) because it's just a bunch of dishonest drumbeat repetitive polarizing rhetorical asinine talking points and smelly rotten red herrings laced with decades old diarrhea chunks stuck in his teeth and crude-oily ad hominems and incendiary blood libel Alynski-ish atmosphere poisoning god-babble that constantly oozes from his impossible to correct diseased pea brain.

By the way, his insane crap has been "addressed" many times and shown to be what I said above, and it would be "addressed" all the time if everyone who wants to comment on UD were allowed to. Of course what you mean by "addressed" is total agreement and obedience by everyone on Earth to whatever gordo spews, but I've got news for you: That ain't gonna happen! gordo is completely NUTS and so are you.


I just found this reply from Jello to brandon (CY):

November 13, 2011 at 1:20 am

No, KF’s points bear ignoring. (Or maybe giggling at.)

Kairosfocus has, for reasons best left to the administrators of UD, taken up residence here and is using the opportunity to preach his interminably prolix sermons to the eight remaining people in the ID movement.

Kairosfocus is the last person on Earth to demand anything of anyone. His hilarious attempts to grapple with Dawkins’ Weasel was a classic example of just how far he was prepared to go to avoid admitting he had made a mistake; his dfCSI nonsense exists nowhere in the world outside his head, his invisible website and Uncommon Descent.

KF is a figure of fun, and this latest bullet-pointed diatribe is just one more piece of evidence that Uncommon Descent will allow anyone to post anything to maintain the pretence that intelligent design is anything other than dead.


There's always room for Jello. :)