Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lying comes easy to IDiots

In this thread and many others, both on UD and on Elizabeth Liddle's site, willy nilly murray goes on and on and on against atheism, and asserts that morals must be grounded in "god":


In other posts he says that to behave morally or to judge the morality of others a person must have a "theistic premise" (e.g. comment 7 in that same thread).

But, he has the audacity to say this:

"I’m not a Christian or follower (even loosely) of any organized religion or spiritual doctrine. All of the views I argue are either supportable by logic and/or evidence, or I don’t argue them."

Hey willy, let's see your "evidence" that supports the existence of your "spiritual" god, unless of course you're claiming that your god is material. Is it material? Do you have any evidence of that by any chance? Do you have any evidence to support anything you assert? Where's the logic in believing in made up spiritual gods and other religious/spiritual/theistic fairy tales?

While you're at it, show your "evidence" for ID. You do know what "evidence" is, don't you? I'll give you a hint. It's something other than your bald assertions and delusions and it can be scientifically tested and verified.

By the way, lying is an immoral act. Your so-called morals are obviously grounded in an immoral god. No wonder you IDiots flock together.


And if any of you want to see some extreme arrogance, dishonesty, and "intellectual blindness" from willy, read comment 7.2 in that thread. What a narcissistic asshole (to be charitable).