Saturday, November 19, 2011

More bald assertions, no evidence

Comment on Just in: Faster than light neutrinos confirmed for now, contra Einstein by gpuccio (at UD).

gpuccio slobbered:


Nobody can really say.

But the point is, materialist reductionism is dogmatically stuck to a vision of the world were already existing scientific knowledge is considered the only religion. Any expansion of that knowledge, any new, unpredicted insight, is potentially dangerous for a dogmatic religion based on what science believes today.

ID, on the contrary, is truly empiric and scientific, and in no way reductionist. Therefore, any new understanding can only be truly welcome :)


Yeah gpukio, that's why science makes new discoveries and finds new, unpredicted insights, new understanding, confirmation of some predictions, and better explanations for many things every day, while ID is still limited to ancient, asinine 'god-did-it' dogma.

ID "is truly empiric and scientific"? LMAO!

ID is "in no way reductionist". Well, I guess that's true if one considers that ID makes no effort to find, study, and explain any parts of any systems in nature. IDiots just lump it all into 'god-did-it'. Oh sure, you IDiots say that you scientifically find, study, and explain all kinds of things but where's the beef? I'm still waiting for you to calculate the alleged "CSI" in a banana, let alone showing any original science that you IDiots have actually done and any real evidence of intelligent design in nature.

The only thing you IDiots find is work done by scientists and then you look for gaps (whether real or imagined) that you try to shove your god into. And you don't even know what study or explanations actually are. You think that bald assertions, sermons, and attacking science is doing science. Religions rely on sermons, in the sense that religious people want to just tell others what to think and be, and they don't want to discuss it or be challenged. Science, on the other hand, is open to discussion and challenges. What it's not open to is people who want to replace it with NON-scientific, NON-empirical, religious insanity.