Monday, November 21, 2011

drumbeat repetition of blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

gordo hacked up this hairball:

"In short, design theory is that scientific discipline that studies empirical signs of design, and in applying the findings to certain features of the natural world finds in these, tested and reliable signs that point to cause by a process of design."

Here (6):

That's a pack of LIES. There is NO "design theory"! A scientific theory requires positive, supporting evidence. Tested and reliable? Did he really say that? WHAT "tested and reliable signs" of design in nature have IDiots ever found? They can't even define the bogus terms they use (like dFSCO/I) and have NEVER "tested" ANY of their ID claims. Scientific discipline? gordo, you are totally out of your mind. There is absolutely NOTHING scientific about ID, which is STRICTLY a dishonest religious and political agenda, and you are one of the most insanely religious lunatics on Earth.

"So we have...". "..and we have...". "..else we may...". "..which we may...". "..what we can...".

WHO THE FUCK IS "we"? You and your pet turd?

Hey gordo, you good for nothing butt chunk, to use some of your own words: See your lies and strawman caricatures, insistently repeated in the teeth of corrections over and over again? What does that tell anyone with a functioning brain about your underlying attitude? I suggest, to start afresh on a sounder footing and get a fucking clue. So, kindly cease and desist from lying and erecting strawmen and knocking them over. After this, if you resort to the same lies and strawman caricature, you will plainly be willfully persisting in misrepresentation in the teeth of relevant correction, which is what you ALWAYS do.

And a few more of my own words: Do the world a favor and kill yourself.