Friday, November 18, 2011

blind asshole

November 18, 2011 at 7:15 pm


I wouldn’t consider your point of view unreasonable if not for the double standard.

Like so many, you are skeptical of what you cannot see even when its effects are evident. Half of astronomy would vanish under the weight of such disbelief, if effects could not be followed to unseen causes.

But while ID does not even require a miracle, you insist in explaining biology with one under the strict condition that it must be without cause. A bunch of molecules rubbing together and starting a three-billion year party with decorations and music doesn’t even raise your eyebrow.

Don’t show off your skepticism badge. You haven’t earned it.

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What a fucking jerk.

ID absolutely DOES require a miracle, or a series of miracles. Without a miracle or miracles the so-called ID inference/hypothesis/theory is a non-starter. How can you possibly say, with a straight face, that the alleged design and creation of the universe and everything in it by a supernatural god is not based on a miracle or series of miracles?

Hey scotty, let's see you or any other IDiot 'follow' the alleged effects of your alleged god TO your "unseen" designer/god. You IDiots spew a LOT of bullshit claims but you NEVER actually provide ANY evidence to back them up. You're ALL talk and NO action, and you religious dolts are the ones with massive double standards.

You're definitely showing off your bloviating-religious-IDIOT badge, and you have certainly earned your place in the ID hall of shame.