Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Over on...

...Sandwalk (Larry Moran's site) joe-boi excreted this dingleberry:

"Geez Larry- evotards always accuse IDists of misrepresentation and never back it up...."


Your own words and the words of the other IDiots back up accusations of misrepresentation on your part, joe-turd. You IDiots are your own worst enemies.

The concept of ID cannot be put forth without a religious foundation. Even if you IDiots say that the designer is or could be some alien on another planet, you'd still have the problem of who or what designed that alien, and it's abundantly obvious anyway (by the claims of you IDiots) as to 'who' you believe the so-called designer is.

Your so-called ID inference/hypothesis/theory completely relies on the existence and actions of a supernatural, intelligent, all powerful, all knowing entity, and an entity like that is always referred to as a god, and gods are under the heading of religion.

Other words may be used besides the words religion or god, but they mean the same thing. Therefor, the ID agenda is a religious agenda, yet you IDiots outright LIE and say it isn't, and that's far from the only thing you misrepresent.

There's literally nothing you IDiots won't make up, distort, mis-define, ignore, lie about, or falsely accuse non-IDiots of to push your religious (and political) agenda.

You IDiots have absolutely NO positive evidence to support ID, and your constant bashing of science and Darwin demonstrates your trembling fear that science will uncover even more evidence that shows how asinine your religious beliefs are.

Even a cursory look at the people involved in the ID agenda shows that it's populated by psychotic, paranoid, arrogant crackpots. Not one of you has the slightest clue as to what science is or how it works.

You IDiots constantly whine about being expelled and you say that you're not allowed to have an ID inference. Actually, you can have any inference you like, but don't expect science to take it seriously. There are lots of inferences in the minds of many people, including many real scientists, but that doesn't mean that they're automatically accepted by science. An accepted inference or hypothesis or theory is one that has something evidential and testable to support it. Fairy tales based on supernatural gods are not scientific inferences, hypotheses, or theories.

One thing you IDiots just won't get through your empty skulls is that you have to have positive evidence, and you have to use good scientific methods to verify and explain that evidence. You can't just baldly assert crap and expect real scientists to accept it. Science isn't Sunday school and you IDiots don't have a captive audience of children to force feed your drivel to.

All of the efforts of you IDiots are spent on talking and preaching and talking and preaching and bashing science and Darwin. You don't do any actual science. You obviously believe that the more you talk and preach and bash, the more your IDiotic sermons will gain credibility with science, but that's not the way things work in science.

No one is stopping any of you from finding, studying, testing, verifying, or explaining any evidence that you think is out there that will support your ID claims. You just whine because you either want to shut down all real scientific inquiry or you want science to do all of your work for you and apply the ID label to whatever is found, regardless of whether that label is supported by the evidence.

You're a joke, joe, and so are your fellow IDiots.