Thursday, November 17, 2011

frilled IDiot (gildo)

My responses are in bold type.

Comment on Web site honours Phillip Johnson’s Darwin on Trial by GilDodgen

Why so much hostility? Get a grip.

Get a mirror.

I came to the conclusion as an engineer in multiple engineering disciplines that the Darwinian mechanism of random errors filtered by natural selection is a hopelessly pathetic hypothesis regarding the obviously highly sophisticated technology found in biological systems.

Well la de freakin' da. Science doesn't give a rat's ass about your "conclusion". And are you ever going to shut the fuck up about your alleged engineering skills? Go engineer a new personality for yourself and leave biology to biologists. (No offense meant to engineers in general)

Apparently, Antony Flew came to the same conclusion shortly before his death.

So? Evidence is what matters, not personal conclusions or appeals to so-called authority.

I have followed the evidence to a reasonable design inference.

What alleged "evidence" would that be, gildo? The bible? Your imagination? Your insanity?

You have followed unsupported speculation to an unreasonable conclusion that design cannot be considered as a possible explanation.

It's not so much that it "cannot", it's the fact that you IDiots have no evidence or working hypothesis to support or even test your ID claims, and you IDiots make it abundantly clear that your agenda is just a dishonest religious and political one. As long as that's the case, ID will not be considered by science.