Friday, November 11, 2011

Butterflies and moonbeams, and fairy tales

My responses are in bold type.

November 11, 2011 at 10:25 am


The metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly is an example of observable evolution. We know it happens.

The fossil record tells us that “evolution” occurred. No need, then, to be looking at butterflies to determine that ‘fact’.

Then why do most or all of you IDiots argue that the fossil record tells "us" nothing of the sort? In other words, why do most or all of you deny that "evolution" has ever occurred?

The question is not whether “evolution” occurred; the question is can Darwinism explain HOW evolution occurred.

Well, that's what real scientists are working on. They have come up with a lot of real answers and will undoubtedly find many more. On the other hand, you IDiots contribute absolutely nothing to scientific discoveries and explanations. You just baldly assert your non-evidential, non-scientific, unsubstantiated religious fairy tales as though they are facts. 'god-did-it' and/or "Darwinism" didn't do it is NOT an explanation.

ID is not Creationism.

Yes it is. It doesn't matter if ID adheres to a literal reading of genesis in the bible. ID is still a belief that a god (the christian god in most cases) designed and created everything. That's creationism.

There are atheists who espouse ID;

Name some. Name even one. It's impossible for an atheist to "espouse ID" unless they're lying about being an atheist.

and there are Creationists who do.

Of course there are. All IDiots are creationists.

But ID is its own program.

That's a lie. And program isn't the right word. ID is an intrusive, dishonest, religious and political agenda.

And, as such, is a challenge to Darwinian orthodoxy.

You IDiotic godbots sure do have a problem with Darwin. There's a lot more to the ToE these days than Darwin. Maybe if you moronic Darwin haters would focus on the science of evolutionary theory instead of on a guy who died a long time ago you might get a clue. Do you call the general theory of relativity Einsteinism, or Einsteinian orthodoxy? Come on, admit it, you're just jealous of Darwin because he was smart and actually accomplished something, and you're not and haven't (and never will).