Sunday, November 6, 2011

You're right joe-boi

joe blow said: "Actually science doesn’t give a dang about Creation. Science just cares about reality."


Yeah, you're right, science just cares about reality. And since ID is all about created kinds, divine intervention, and supernatural design/creation (according to what you and the other IDiots say), science doesn't "give a dang" about ID, which is just relabeled creationism.

Like Gino said, "Six years Joseph. Trial’s over. You lost. Get over it already."

By the way, if the judge was totally clueless and his decision was resolutely unfounded, in error, and a violation of jurisprudence (as you IDiots claim) then why didn't you IDiots appeal? And where were you joe-boi, with your vast knowledge of law and science, to testify, argue the case, and adjudicate it, and save the day for the ID agenda and religious zombies?

I would think that since you know a lot more than biologists and judges do (LOL), you would have been there to testify and rule over the proceedings to make sure that justice was done. Could the reality of the situation be that the court wasn't interested in having a parking lot dwelling, clown fearing, toaster repairboi testify, argue, or adjudicate, and that the religious zombie side didn't want to make even bigger fools of themselves by having you there?

Since you think you know so much about ID, science, and law, why don't you initiate a law suit and show the world that you can get a court to order that ID must be taught in public schools? It should be easy if you're as knowledgeable and skilled as you claim. I look forward to your law suit and will watch it unfold with keen interest.