Saturday, November 12, 2011

jealousy is insanity

o'screwy is obviously extremely jealous of scientists, and has a severe case of penis envy too. Sagan has had a lot more than a "brief hour of celebrity", and o'lame-o has never and will never have even a nanosecond of celebrity. She won't be missed when she's dead and if she's remembered at all (and it won't be for long) it will be for her ugliness, inside and out.

IDiots are all alike in many ways and one of those ways is that they think they are special, VERY special, and that just because they believe that they're VERY special, everyone else should recognize and bow down to their VERY specialness. After all, they have a direct line to their imaginary god and that makes them a VERY special creation and agent of that imaginary god. Anyone who doesn't recognize and bow down to their VERY specialness is an evil, unimportant, quickly forgotten lowlife who will suffer eternal torments at the hands of their 'loving' god.

The 'worldview' of the IDiots isn't 'grounded' in a god. It's grounded in ignorance, fear, and fanatical malignant narcissism. They just use their imaginary bullshit about a god to try to get away with being sanctimonious, arrogant, egotistical, bloviating assholes. What they really worship, is themselves.