Tuesday, November 8, 2011


October 31, 2011 at 12:47 pm


Listen buddy, you’re coming off as extremely pretentious now:

“That description fits many if not most of the posters here. If it doesn’t fit you then ignore it.”

No, what YOU need to do is respect the fact that not all ID’ers are Christians, for one David Berlinski is agnostic as far as I understand it.

I’m pretty sure you understand that Creationism and Intelligent Design are two different concepts; the fact that you refuse to respect that on a site that is dedicated to Intelligent Design reveals more about you than myself or anyone else.

From here:


Oh stu, you delusional nitwit you. If UD is "a site that is dedicated to Intelligent Design" and ID has nothing to do with creationism or christianity, then why is there SO MUCH christian/religious/god/creationism crap on UD? Do you really believe that you IDiots don't constantly reveal your real agenda?

And if ID has nothing to do with christianity and creationism, and is strictly scientific, as you IDiots often claim, then why don't you all "respect" that it's strictly scientific (LOL) and stop posting christian/religious/god/creationism/political crap?

So, berlinski is agnostic, as far as you understand it, eh? Wow, that changes everything. On that basis you can claim that ID isn't a christian/religious/god/creationism/political agenda. After all, what berlinski is, as you understand it, is all that matters, right? It's nice that you have confirmed that only the beliefs held by berlinski are important and relevant, and that all of the religious crap on UD and any other ID promoting site (including all the attacks on atheists), and in any ID book or video, etc., are just distractive red herring issues, led out to strawman caricatures that are soaked in ad hominem smears and set alight through incendiary rhetoric that then clouds, poisons and polarises the atmosphere. I'm glad that is settled.