Thursday, November 24, 2011

outright blowhard
Upright BiPed
November 23, 2011 at 9:16 pm

Petrushka, you need to focus. The evidence of a semiotic state is staring you in the face. It has physical entailments. They are observable. These entailments place requirements on any explanation proposed as to how they came about.

It is not my job to provide you with examples of anything. The evidence is observable, and the observations are coherent. It is your job to show how material causes can satify those physical requirements.


Actually, downright braindead, it isn't Petrushka's job to show you IDiots a damn thing. You're the ones trying to replace science with your religious bullshit. You're the ones who "need" to support your claims. You also need to grow up and learn that your fairy tale religious beliefs aren't scientific or realistic.

And you're the one with the assertions about "a semiotic state", whatever that is.

Let's see you coherently connect "a semiotic state", in the way you refer to it, to the origin and diversity of life on Earth (both extant and extinct) with scientifically testable, observable, physical, verifiable evidence, and to your chosen god with an equal or greater level of evidence. Your religiously motivated bald assertions don't count.

Why don't you write up a paper about your assertions and submit it to a legitimate scientific journal? What's stopping you?