Thursday, November 17, 2011

How dumb can the IDiots get?

scottandrews2, one of the moronic IDiots, said:


There are plenty of sciences that seek non-natural explanations. A coroner who rules a death as a homicide is making a declaration that the cause of death was non-natural, even though he may not have complete information regarding the who, how, or why of the cause."

Hey scotty, you ignorant dumbass, the coroner doesn't look for SUPERNATURAL causes. Twisting the word "natural" into something that is completely irrelevant to the debate just makes you look stupid and desperate. Even if the cause of death isn't called "natural" by a coroner, it's still MATERIAL. There's no hocus pocus from some supernatural sky daddy involved. You IDiots come up with the most asinine arguments imaginable, and you're making damn sure that science will never accept your dishonest religious and political agenda. Keep up the good work.