Thursday, November 24, 2011

Someone forgot to flush the IDiot toilet

Check out the comments in that thread so far by tragic mishap, gildo, and ba77. tragic mishap (an appropriate name for such a stupid IDiot) said:

tragic mishap
November 23, 2011 at 8:02 pm

“There’s no principle built into the laws of nature that says theoretical physicists have to be happy.”

My how far we have come from the Scientific Revolution. It is not ID theorists who threaten the future of science. These people are giving up.


What the fuck kind of brain altering drug is that IDiot on? Oh wait, I know, he's high on his imaginary god! That explains his incoherence and insanity. I can't even imagine where he got the idea that scientists/physicists are giving up. It's religious zombies like tragic mishap who have given up, on ever learning anything except how to parrot whatever mindless shit they're told by other religious zombies.

batshitcrazy77 is down to his usual flood of links and quotes, and obviously thinks that that somehow makes him an expert on Quantum Mechanics/Entanglement (and everything else), and his nauseating habit of including bible quotes and links to religious music is just further proof that ID is a religious agenda.

Every time the IDiots put their fingers on a keyboard they reveal more and more about how ignorant they are and the real motive behind their ID agenda, yet they arrogantly and delusionally believe that they can pass off their religious, political agenda as science. They're so fucking crazy and wrapped up in their fairy tale beliefs that they don't even realize they are providing all the evidence anyone would ever need to prove that their agenda has NOTHING to do with advancing science.

Apparently, if someone is blind enough to believe in impossible, insane, religious fairy tales, they're also blind to their own words and actions, even when their words and actions are destructive to their agenda. The IDiots are their own worst enemy.