Friday, November 11, 2011

overflowing with tard

This thread is overflowing with IDiotic tard:

Here's a post by uptight bipunk. My responses are in bold type:
Upright BiPed
November 10, 2011 at 2:04 pm

“Biologists have been reverse engineering the natural world for over two centuries. ID can hardly take credit for that.”

Have they figured out how any of the critical immaterial rules in biology came about? Like, why codons have three nucleotides, or, why CTA maps to Leucuine, or, why AGT starts a protein? Have they reverse engineered the coordinated emergence of a set aminoacyl synthetase mapped to two sets of physical objects, neither of which it ever comes into contact with – yet must be correct for the emergence of aminoacyl synthetases?

Have YOU, or any other IDiot?

This is not a slam on science (far from it) its a slam on ideological materialism parading as science.

Oh shut up. All you IDiots do is slam science. If it were up to you dullards we would all be living in caves and human invention would have ceased with learning how to wipe our asses with leaves.

When these phenomena are understood … you can rest assured that ID will be there.

Yeah, you IDiots will be there either denying that they're understood or taking credit for knowledge that you had no hand in figuring out.