Sunday, November 6, 2011

Isn't it funny...

...that the IDiots go on and on and on about how complex the universe is but when scientists actually look for the pieces of that "complexity", o'leary (News) whines and moans and ridicules scientific research and makes it sound as though there's nothing to be found, and that looking is a waste of time and money. o'leary and most or all of the other IDiots think that they already know the only thing they and everyone else needs to know about the universe and everything in it: 'god-did-it, I believe it, and that settles it'.

I would think that if the IDiots are confident that their beliefs are correct, and if they're truly interested in scientific evidence, they would really want scientists to use every means possible to discover and understand everything that makes the universe tick.

Of course what the Idiots are really terrified of is that even more things will be discovered that show how stupid their beliefs are, and that's why they want to put a stop to any scientific research and understanding that could or does pop their religious bubble.

This sentence by o'leary (News)...

"Isn’t it another thing to believe in all this other stuff with no substantive evidence?" especially funny since she and the rest of the IDiots have NO "substantive" evidence whatsoever to support their claims, and they aren't looking for any.

One of the biggest differences between scientifically minded people and IDiots (religious godbots) is that scientifically minded people really want to know the real answers to questions, while IDiots fear the real answers and would rather believe in deranged fairy tales. Fear is the foundation of their beliefs. They even fear their imaginary lord.