Friday, November 11, 2011

oyer the IDiot

My responses are in bold type.

November 10, 2011 at 6:56 am

What is your explanation? This is how the Darwinian explanation goes

1. Natural selection and random mutation
2. Sequence of assembly

No, it's not that simple.

So just replace natural selection and random mutation with intelligent design and input a sequence. Do you really need to see how an engineering sequence proceeds? Do you want a detailed manuscript of the assembly procedure? You think that it can’t be provided or that it is totally unnecessary?

Well, you IDiots expect and demand a "detailed manuscript of the assembly procedure" of everything in the universe from scientists, RIGHT NOW, so why is it unfair to expect and demand the same thing from you IDiots to support your so-called ID inference/hypothesis/theory?

ID says that a force capable of foresight, capable of assembling highly integrated and sophisticated biological systems, capable of high end biological coding,is required. How do you suggest ID goes about showing that?

That's YOUR responsibility, IDiot.

You might say, well no, beavers build dams, they can build a human. ID looks at the capabilities of a beaver, say no. They discredit it. However you want to cut it,


1. This force is insufficient,

Who says it's insufficient, you, a god zombie who believes in some of the most insane fairy tales ever conjured up? And obviously you haven't noticed that scientists aren't done looking for REAL answers.

2.Therefore another force capable of foresight, assembling highly integrated and sophisticated biological systems, capable of high end biological coding, is required.

Uh no, science is far from done with discovery, research, and explanations. Whether you like it or not, your "other force" (god) is just closed mindedness, fear, and wishful thinking on your part.

Isn’t that what you’re asking for? Do you mind if ID calls it intelligence? Is that the problem?

Whatever you call it, you have to have positive evidence to support it if you expect science to pay positive attention to it.

You say all ID ever does is try to show the insufficiency of random processes.

No, ID attacks virtually everything in science, except the parts that you IDiots try to conveniently use to support your religious and political agenda, and/or the parts that you rely on and take advantage of in your everyday lives. Have you gotten your flu shot this year? Do you and your kids have all of your vaccines? Just wondering.

But is there a Darwinian explanation that doesn’t attack ID? Can you show evidence for Darwinian evolution without attacking ID?

Were you just born today, or have you been living under a very large rock? The ToE has nothing to do with attacking ID and there is a LOT of positive evidence for natural evolution, whether Darwin had anything to do with it or not. Darwin was just the guy who made the idea and evidence popular, and the ToE (and all of science) has advanced a lot since then. You religious wackos really need to get over your constant bashing of Darwin.

When viewers of metamorphosis see the types of systems at work, they will understand the type of force required, and they will realize the insufficiency of other forces. Would you agree?