Tuesday, November 8, 2011

brandon ward, crybaby IDiot

IDiots are all alike. They're whiny little crybabies that lie and exaggerate and try to make it look as though they're some kind of morally superior angels who never say a negative word about anyone and are the innocent victims of unwarranted persecution, threats, "stalking", and "vandalism".

Here is a post by brandon ward (CannuckianYankee on UD) from his lame echo chamber christian apologetics blog:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Internet Vandalism and Cyber Stalking

Sad to say, but we've experienced an incident of Internet Vandalism and cyber-stalking. In response I've updated the moderation of this blog such that all comments must be approved by me. I didn't want to have to do this, but the person who posted here (whose posts have now been removed) is not a reasonable person on any terms. He's dangerous, as those from other blogs connected with UD know full well. Right now he's displaying pent up anger and the vilest (in a juvenile sort of way) attacks on individuals, but such pent up anger has a potential to get worse.

I obviously welcome views of those who disagree with me, and as Elizabeth has done with her blog, The Skeptical Zone, I will create a certain area where more objectionable posts are placed for those who desire to read them. However, certain people will not be welcome if they show signs of stalking and/or attacking persons, rather than signs of interest in opposing viewpoints.

Posted by Brandon at 12:38 AM


And here are my comments (in full) that he's whining about:

The whole truth said...

Well wadda you know, another lame echo chamber for you gutless IDiots.

Hey gordo (and the rest of you), proselytizing and pontificating inside the UD sanctuary (or here), and being massive hypocrites, is never going to convince anyone sane that any of you are worth listening to.

Outside your little circle jerk you're seen (and correctly so) as maniacal crackpots. YOU are the ones, and especially you gordo, who are trying to "prevail by distractive red herring issues, led out to strawman caricatures that are soaked in ad hominem smears and set alight through incendiary rhetoric that then clouds, poisons and polarises the atmosphere" and if YOU had "high confidence in the substance of your views" you would gladly argue them in ANY venue.

It's hilarious that you cowards condemn Dawkins for not debating the lunatic craig but none of you have the guts to argue your views on an OPEN website that you or your fellow cowardly IDiots do not control.

You, gordon elliott mullings (chronic liar and false accuser), and the rest of you, are the very things that you condemn. You are mentally retarded liars, narcissists, cowards, and hypocrites, and will never succeed in replacing science with your crazy religious beliefs.

ID will never "be won" by acting like pompous god wannabes on UD, here, or any other website. ID is a joke and is well known to be a religious and political agenda that is just creationism with a new label. No matter how many times or ways you IDiots lie about your real agenda, sane, reasonable people will always see through your dishonest facade.

My comments will likely be deleted or will never appear but that won't change the FACT that you IDiots are exactly what I say you are, both here and on my website, and it won't change the FACT that ID will never be accepted by science. Science is about reality. ID is about imaginary, dishonest, authoritarian, dangerous, terroristic, malignantly narcissistic, genocidal, fanatical, insane gods and religious fairy tales, and you delusional god-wannabes are a menace to society.

If you IDiots, who are so quick to accuse Dawkins of cowardice, are so brave, why don't you come to my website and face me? And why don't you accept the suggestion of Elizabeth Liddle and others and argue your views on an open site where neither you nor your opponents have the authority to block comments or ban commenters?

What's it like to be such blustering chickenshits and hypocrites?


For the truth about you IDiots, go here (if you're not afraid that is:

November 7, 2011 11:26 PM

The whole truth said...

gordo the two-faced bloviator puked:

"But, those who indulge in poisoned-well scorched earth tactics like that will find they are alienating those they cannot afford to alienate, long term."

Which is exactly what IDiots like you are doing. And it's funny that you used the term "scorched earth", because that is exactly what your chosen god commanded be done to the Canaanites and others. No wonder that many people (and more every day) are alienating themselves from your monstrous god.

It's also no wonder that lying assholes like you have so little support. You're really, really good at alienating people.
November 7, 2011 11:39 PM


Here is where I posted them:


They were deleted a few minutes after I posted them.

The IDiots insult, ridicule, and make up lies about anyone who doesn't kiss their sanctimonious asses EVERY SINGLE DAY and have been doing so for YEARS, and that's just fine, and 'moral' of course, but saying anything against them is an attack, internet vandalism, cyber stalking, threatening, and a long list of other horrible, amoral crimes against them and their imaginary god.

IDiots are masters at using "distractive red herring issues, led out to strawman caricatures that are soaked in ad hominem smears and set alight through incendiary rhetoric that then clouds, poisons and polarises the atmosphere" and they are chronic, willful liars too. gordon elliott mullings is the biggest liar of them all, and the most poisonous.

Here's a comment from brandon ward:

"I’ll leave you with the confirmation that I’m one of those reprehensible Christians who believe that the Canaanite slaughter was an act of justice and protection for the Israelites."

From here:


Ya know, I can't help but wonder how slaughtering every man, woman, and child, and even all of their livestock, was "an act of justice and protection for the Israelites". I guess the kids and the donkeys were a serious threat. There's nothing worse than an evil donkey.

And if the imaginary god of the Israelites is so omnipotent, omniscient, perfect, merciful, loving, and forgiving, why couldn't it have found a different and better way to deal with the Canaanites and all the other people, animals, and even plants that it has destroyed or ordered to be destroyed (according to the bible > the alleged word of that god)?