Friday, November 18, 2011

gordon elliot mullings (Dictionary) likes to play twister

My responses are in bold type.

gordo said:

"The key thing about evil is to see it as in large part the privation or twisting to selfish ends of the good.

For instance, the power of choice is a necessary condition of the ability to love and think for oneself. use this aright, and you love and serve the truth.

Twist it to your personal ends, and it becomes selfishness and deception to gain advantage.

Put that on steroids, and voila, Lucifer to Satan, hey presto — poof!


One thing for sure is that gordo twists the truth and everything else possible to gain the advantage for his selfish, deceptive, "personal ends", and his dishonest twisting is certainly on steroids. Lucifer/Satan/gordo, hey presto - poof! Simple.

If you want to see gordo displaying his insanity and arrogance in all it's gore, read that whole thread. He posts there with the user name Dictionary. I'll be 'critiquing' some of his posts from there as time goes on. There's a vast amount of tard by gordo on that site.