Sunday, November 13, 2011

an empty challenge

willy murray, godbot coward says:

"What KF has posted here is a challenge, on several fronts, for those who are willing to defend their views via sufficient warrant (premise) and towards rationally consistent and coherent conclusion. Any atheists/materialist up to the task?"

Here (2.2):


Well, willy ol' boi, gordo's so-called challenge, and yours, might be more than just a bunch of bloviating cowardly bullshit if it were posted on a site where anyone could respond without being blocked, banned, or told to leave the thread. Why don't you and gordo come here or go over to ATBC? You IDiots could even ask the Panda's Thumb if you can do a guest post there. Go ahead, show everyone how brave you are.

Your "premise" is a fairy tale and so is your imaginary god. There's nothing "rationally consistent and coherent" about basing your "worldview" on that.