Tuesday, November 29, 2011

o'leary is nuts

News (o'leary) apparently thinks that the person she quotes (Liane Gabora) in this post is an authority on biological evolution:


Hmm, well, here are some poems by Liane Gabora (especially notice the big red one, "STREAM NOT GONE DRY, Part One"):


And with her poetry in mind, check this out:


Here are some links to other stuff by Liane Gabora, for your perusal:

The complete paper o'leary quoted from:


And other stuff:







In the following article Gabora says:

"...not to mention popular culture, still equate non-Darwinian explanations for the forms and dynamics of living things with belief in intelligent design. This is unfortunate, not just because it is scientifically incorrect,..."



I'm not sure I understand her point.

From what I've found with a Google search, Gabora is obsessed with "creativity" and obviously considers herself to be 'creative'. The article linked to above about creative people and mental illness comes to mind, especially after reading a lot of the stuff (including a bunch of so-called poetry) she has written. Also, she seems to contradict herself in some of her writings when it comes to evolution. She seems to both accept biological evolution and not accept it too. Mostly she seems to accept it but has a problem with natural selection. Frankly, I can't figure out what she actually accepts or believes.

Regardless of Gabora's mental condition, I don't see how o'leary quoting part of one of Gabora's articles supports ID in any way. As usual, o'leary will post ANYTHING that APPEARS (in her delusional mind) to support ID simply because it questions or challenges natural biological evolution (and often it doesn't). o'leary has never produced ANY positive evidence that supports ID. ALL she does is attack Darwin, "Darwinists", and "Darwinism". She is absolutely maniacal in her obsession with Darwin. I wouldn't be surprised if she has a Darwin doll that she stabs with pins while screaming Hail Mary and Praise the Lord!