Friday, November 18, 2011

Gawd what a tard

gordo spewed:

The first point of relevant ignorance is basic grammar and the systematic parsing of sentences so that we can read with instructed understanding of words — what types there are, and how they work together to form a sentence that makes structural sense. (Making meaningful sense builds on that, and beyond lies the issue as to whether what is asserted, assumed or implied — each of these is different — “says of what is, that ti is, and of what is not, that it is not.”)

And, I am not talking of doing so in Greek or Hebrew. I am talking of doing that in good, plain standard English.


He's talking about to how to read the bible, and the ignorance he refers to is the alleged ignorance of anyone who doesn't agree with him as to how it should be read and understood. Yeah, as if the bible is written "in good, plain standard English".

Apply what he said to the way he writes too.

In the same comment he says:

"But, my rule of thumb for those who wish to hold forth in public on bible related matters is this: if, when you hear a significant scripture read, you do not automatically also internally hear the parallels, and do not automatically recognise the key concepts, ideas, issues and onward connexions to other themes and applications, you do not know enough to stand up to teach." (his bold)

Besides the obvious arrogance and insanity in that, he's saying that some scriptures are "significant", which must mean that some others are not. Maybe he was busy thinking god's creative thoughts at the time and didn't realize what he was inadvertently admitting. :)

In a later comment on the same topic, gordo says:

"And yet, i still find that nothing really beats having the knowledge base going in your head, live. And that, backed up by a humble, prayerful attitude that asks God the Spirit of Truth to illuminate your knowledge — how many times have I seen one and the same Scripture come alive in a fresh, deeper and more powerful way?"

Humble? gordo? I think my head just exploded.