Wednesday, November 16, 2011

channeling god

The IDiot eocene, on UD, said this in reference to Darwin:

"The man is worshipped like a god and it amazes me how after so many mistakes on his part are pointed out, they rush to his defense and proceed to tell us what he actually meant or any number of excuse making in defense of the man. How could anyone possibly have the uncanny power to channel this man for his true thoughts on any matters."


You IDiots never cease to amaze me with your shameful ability to be completely blind to your hypocrisy. Ya see, you religious zombies have been claiming for thousands of years that you can and do channel, and know the "true thoughts" of, god, jesus, angels, the devil, all the alleged writers of the bible and other religious drivel, all the characters in the bible and other religious drivel, and anyone else that suits your agenda.

You rush to the defense of, and make endless excuses for, your imaginary god and the bullshit stories, beliefs, and characters associated with it, except for the stories, beliefs, and characters (e.g. the devil) that you imagine as your enemies, even though all the mistakes, lies, contradictions, inconsistencies, zero evidence, amorality, immorality, corruption, barbaric teachings and behavior, and just plain garbage in your religious swill have been pointed out innumerable times. You also rush to the defense of ID even though it has been shown to be a fraudulent religious and political agenda masquerading as science.

And of course the same thing applies to members of religions other than christianity, and to people who make up their own religious beliefs.

Darwin actually existed and there is much known about him because it was recorded (in large part by Darwin himself). Your religious beliefs, on the other hand, are based on fairy tales that were, and still are, conjured up by fearful, ignorant, uneducated, arrogant goat molesters and god wannabes. Besides, this is 2011. It's way past time for you religious wackos to stop living in the distant past and blaming Darwin for noticing and studying some things in nature and writing about them. He didn't MAKE anyone accept his ideas or observations. People accepted them because they made sense and were based on evidence. Some of the things he proposed are still accepted, and the things he got wrong have been discarded in the modern ToE. If you IDiots had the slightest clue about how to do science you would have tossed out ALL of your religious crap a long time ago. Darwin gets credit where credit is due, and the main reason many people defend him is because you god zombies are constantly attacking him.

The hatred you IDiots spew at Darwin is a clear indication of your trembling fear that he was right and that he saw past the delusional insanity of religions. You simply can't stand the thought that a lot of people don't have the same fears and delusions as you do, and are able to accept and handle reality without a religious crutch. You just want a world full of obedient sheeple who will make you feel all warm and fuzzy by also believing that your imaginary sky daddy will protect you mutton heads from the bogeyman.