Friday, November 11, 2011

What's stopping YOU?
November 10, 2011 at 1:19 pm


On the other hand, barring special revelation how can we ever know the processes that went into designing the butterfly’s lifecycle? Once you opt for an explanation that by its very nature cannot be known scientifically then one ID explanation is as good as another, with no possible way to choose between them.

Are you seriously saying, with a straight face, that determining that a thing was designed somehow prohibits finding out how?

The only thing that prohibits finding out how a thing was designed is deciding a priori to rule out design. Nothing can trump the decision not to know something. That’s what a science-stopper really looks like.

What astounds me is that you reason, not based on the accuracy of the determination, but on what happens after you make that determination. Even if determining design somehow did bring all further inquiries to a grinding halt, how would ignoring it and going down a dead-end road to nowhere fare any better?

When someone says that understanding the design is impossible, they really mean that it sounds very, very hard. Maybe it is. So, like the drunk who can’t find his keys, we should keep searching under the streetlight because it’s easier?


So, scotty, what's stopping YOU or any other IDiot from "finding out how a thing was designed"? Hey, it's YOUR so-called inference/hypothesis/theory, so why don't YOU IDiots figure it out? Where does it say that someone else has to do it for you? It's not science's responsibility to kiss your asses and find ways of supporting your delusional religious beliefs.

You IDiots bitch and whine non-stop about science and you expect science to cater to YOUR agenda. Instead of constantly bitching and whining why don't you actually do some science on your own and try to produce some credible results, especially since you believe that the results you want are actually there but are just being ignored by science? Come on IDiot, do it! Show the world how smart and productive you are. Either that or you can just keep on crying like little babies about how science is being mean to you and your imaginary god.