Tuesday, November 1, 2011




I simply can't comprehend the depth of the insanity, hypocrisy, and indignation that comes gushing out of gordo (and other IDiots) in that thread and others, especially since they do believe that their god commanded the total destruction of the canaanite men, women, and children (and even their livestock), and believe that their god commanded or personally carried out many other massive atrocities (including 'the flood'), yet they eagerly worship that allegedly merciful, forgiving, loving god and defend 'him' and and 'his' most ardent worshipers, like wee willy wanker craig, no matter what.

Blood libel? Nuke tripwire? Bydand? Censorship? High Court libel case? Slanders? Marking a line in the sand, for record? Anti-Semitic? Increasingly irresponsible, poisonous, hostility/hate-laced rhetoric? False accusation? Cynically disregarded? Moral bankruptcy? Wow, gordo is really blowing a gasket, and should be directing all of his accusations and indignation at himself, craig, and any other genocide supporters.

Since they believe in, support, defend, and worship their god, they believe in, support, defend, and worship what their god does, or at least what they believe he does, and that includes genocide.

The NUMEROUS, vicious, malicious "grenades" gordo spews in that thread and many others are from the guy who said this:

"Please, stop tossing unnecessary verbal grenades around and at people."

What's wrong with this picture?