Friday, November 4, 2011

The end is near! Repent now!

I wonder if all the loons who believe any of the doomsday crap would be willing to give me all of their belongings? After all, they won't need them if the world suddenly ends. :)

I also wonder why they don't just kill themselves if they're so willing and anxious to die and really believe that they will be better off dead? In fact, I wonder why all religious people, who believe that they will be better off dead, don't kill themselves?

I suppose they would say that their god doesn't want them to kill themselves because it's a sin for some reason, even though it's perfectly fine for them to kill other people (and their livestock) who they think are pissing off their god. Maybe heaven is overcrowded and god has to do some remodeling before a large, sudden influx of suicidal souls are allowed in, or maybe god just wants to make them suffer an Earthly life as his slave for as long as he wants them to before he 'takes them home'.

Even though, according to the bible, he created man (or is that man and woman?) in his image (is god a hermaphrodite?), and he is perfect, omnipotent, omniscient, and the only correct grounding for morals, for some strange reason man (and woman) are all imperfect, amoral, non-omnipotent, non-omniscient, evil sinners (and he wants to keep them that way) and they must slavishly prove their faith in and obedience to him and his rules while here on Earth and willingly suffer whatever he decides will happen to them for as long as he likes before he kills them with 'heat death', some other massive cataclysm, or another method, and then considers letting their 'souls' into heaven or sending them to hell. What a nice guy, or girl, or both, or whatever it is.