Friday, November 4, 2011

Truly astounding insanity

The way religious zombies think is the very definition of insanity. Check out this thread, and see what I mean:

And from comment 9 on, you'll notice that bruce david, an IDiot, absolutely kicks ba77's IDiotic ass, and of course ba77 has a hissy fit and runs away crying like the cowardly wimp he is. I just love a tard fight. :)

Also notice all the religious videos, poetry, and music ba77 links to, while pretending to be a scientist. Didn't o'leary say something against spamming UD with religious stuff, yet ban Fossfur for pointing out that ba77 and others constantly do it? phil-boi, all by himself, is a trolling spamwave (or a spamming trollwave) and getting worse by the minute. Why hasn't he been banned? Because he's an ID pushing, Darwin hating god zombie, that's why! And UD is run and supported by ID pushing, Darwin hating god zombies, so they love maniacs like ba77. Don't forget though, ID is strictly scientific, not religious. ROFLMAO!