Sunday, November 6, 2011

gordon elliott mullings, lying asshat with delusions of godhood

November 6, 2011 at 2:42 am

Dr Rec:

Your response, unfortunately, further illustrates the problem.

Have you listened to the Turek podcast?

If you will, you will see that he is speaking of a problem that is a preponderance and intensity problem, with two major public debates and Youtube as the foci for an illustrative cross-section.

Your reaction was to project a pall of distractive, turnabout, “everybody does it” immoral equivalency; picking an example who by his own statement turns out not to be an example.

In fact, what you said or implied is not so, there is indeed a preponderance-intensity problem, and it shows, even in this thread.

Please, face it and do something about it.

I raise this at this time primarily because we have now crossed a serious threshold, with recent statements in major media by the leading new atheist in the world. He knows, or should know, that projecting a false but tempting accusation against a leading Christian thinker, would cast a pall of suspicion and accusation over all Christians. He knows, or should know, that the accusation implied in his article is materially false, even of its primary subject. And yet, for relatively trivial rhetorical advantage, he stooped to such an act.

That sort of example from such a level has very serious consequences.

Something is rotten in the state of our civilisation, and we had better act now, or the gangrene may prove fatal.


From here:


gordee, you're the one who has crossed a serious threshold. You long ago crossed over into a fantasy world where you believe that you are a GOD, and must be worshiped and obeyed without question. Please, face it and do something about it, you nauseating, pompous bastard.

Oh, and the things that Dawkins says about wanking loon craig aren't false, and neither are the things I say to or about you. You're the LYING chunk of rancid excrement in this picture. You KNOW that your accusations aimed at me for allegedly threatening you and/or your family are NOT TRUE and you know or should know that everything you believe in and promote is also not true. And most of all you know or should know that you and your ilk are a gigantic blight on humanity.