Saturday, November 5, 2011

Here he goes again

In this thread...

...gordon e mullings, the dreg of humanity, goes on a rampage yet again and continues to show himself as the LYING, two-faced, LYING, ANGRY, sanctimonious, LYING, libelous, rancid LYING ASSHOLE that he is.

Even though he doesn't mention me directly this time, he does say this:

"...up to and including threats against my family."

That false accusation is aimed at me.

If any of you are able to post comments on UD, please press gordo to produce evidence that I have threatened him and/or his family, and don't let him dodge or avoid or play any 'distractive' games. He is willfully, blatantly LYING!

gordo is a chronic LIAR, and is guilty of ALL the things he constantly condemns. NO ONE on Earth is a bigger hypocrite or a more despicable piece of toxic, rancid shit than gordon e mullings of Montserrat.