Saturday, November 5, 2011

Speaking of incompetent


barry, you're too incompetent to wipe your own ass or your mouth, and you're stinking up the world.

For your information, dumbass, the theories, hypotheses, and inferences change in science because new things are discovered, new technology enables new ways to analyze those new discoveries, and bringing together the new discoveries and their analysis, along with already established knowledge, enables scientists to update and refine scientific theories, hypotheses, and inferences. I'm sure that this will come as a shock to you but that is the way science works and is supposed to work.

Tell me something, gasbag, can you honestly say that religions/religious beliefs never change?

You're a shyster lawyer. Can you honestly say that laws never change?

Can you even be honest? Never mind, I already know you can't be.

You arrogantly assert that "The world needs to be told that Hawking is completely incompetent to speak on the subjects he is addressing." and that "Einstein’s sophomoric ventures into theology were bad enough" but you think that YOU are eminently qualified to speak on whatever subjects you choose, even though you're just a retarded, lying, uneducated, sanctimonious, narcissistic, cowardly, impotent, incompetent, fairy tale believing, ambulance chasing, foaming shit at the mouth god zombie.

I'm surprised that your FAT POMPOUS HEAD fits within the universe.